Information for Conference Attendees

Welcome to AEESP 2023!

The conference organizing team is thrilled to be welcoming everyone to Boston in June 2023.  At the right are highlighted the main locations of conference events on Northeastern’s campus, and below you will find logistical information related to attending the conference.

When you arrive please visit the Registration and Information Desk on the second floor of Curry Student Center to pick up your name badge (and some conference goodies!).  The conference schedule provides the room number for all other events, with key buildings shown in the map at right.

If there are details you are looking for and do not find, please contact us!

Your name badge is your guide!

Your name badge, which you can pick up at the Check-In Desk upon arrival, will be your ticket for entry to events during the conference.  Name badges will have information about your workshop selections, lunches (special events or dining hall), and evening events.  This legend provides explanation of the icons used – please be prepared to show your name badge for entry at special lunch and evening events!

Conference Logistics

Conference Code of Conduct

AEESP and the 2023 Organizing Committee are committed to organizing an event that is a friendly, safe, and inclusive environment for all, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, disability, religion, or other status. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated, in person, in presented materials (talks, posters), or in any online media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

By registering for this event you are agreeing to this Code of Conduct including, but not limited to, behaving professionally and appropriately, being kind and considerate, and respecting other people and their property.

Conference participants violating these rules will have their registration revoked, with no refund, and be immediately expelled from the conference at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Health and Safety at AEESP 2023

For AEESP 2023 we are making efforts to ensure the health and safety of all attendees during this new “endemic” phase of living with COVID.  During 2020-21 Northeastern upgraded ventilation systems throughout the campus, and many rooms also have standing air purifiers.  There are ample areas and greenspaces around campus for networking and eating outdoors while enjoying the June weather, all of which will be highlighted on the campus map provided with your Registration Information.  At the Gala Event Wednesday at the New England Aquarium we will have access to their outdoor patio as well as all of the indoor spaces, so folks will be able to spread out and get some fresh air.

Guidelines for masking and testing related to events on campus are set by the University in compliance with the Boston Department of Public Health.  At this time the City of Boston does not require masking or testing for events, however the Organizing Committee strongly recommends that all attendees consider the health and safety of the community as well as your own.  If you are not feeling well or may have recently been exposed to others who were ill, please test, quarantine, and/or wear a mask as is most appropriate so that the entire community can safely enjoy the conference.

If you have any questions about access to rapid tests, masks, medical facilities, or any other resources, please reach out to the Organizers – or stop by the Registration Desk during the conference – and we will be happy to assist!

Conference Events, Meals, and Food/Snacks on Campus

Meals:  Lunches and dinners will be provided to all attendees during the conference (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  Lunches will be hosted in the Northeastern dining hall at International Village (Columbus Ave) which provides a wide variety of options, including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, and more.

Individuals registered for special lunch events will be provided plattered sandwich lunches at the event venue.  Dinners on the three evenings will be in different formats based on the events but also have a variety of food options:  welcome mixers, gala celebration, and closing bbq.

Snacks:  There are small grocery stores and Dunkin Donuts locations in a few locations on campus for individuals who might want “extras”.  More information on this website:

Events:  If you did not RSVP to something and would like to add it, email the Conference Organizers to inquire or ask to be added to the waitlist (note that in some cases events may be limited by room capacity or catering headcounts).

Information for Presenters

Oral presentations:  Presentation slots will be 12 minutes in length, including Q&A and transition time; presenters are encouraged to plan your talk for approximately 9 minutes to allow for Q&A.  Presentations (as PPT or PDF) should be brought to the conference on a USB drive for upload to the room computer.  Presenters will not be able to use their own computer for presenting.

Poster presentations:  Posters may be portrait or landscape orientation, up to a maximum size of 45″ x 45″.  Tacks for mounting and poster location number will be provided at the conference.  For individuals who may want to print your poster in Boston, there are several Fedex Office facilities in/around the Prudential Center (search zip codes 02115/02116).

Dormitory Housing / Luggage Storage

Dormitory housing:  Check-in and check-out will be 24/7, and more details will be provided to individuals booked in the dorms in the week ahead of the conference.  

Luggage storage:  Participants are encouraged to take advantage of luggage storage at your accommodations as the conference will not have a luggage storage facility.  Individuals staying in the dorms will be able to check out late in the day to enable use of the rooms for luggage storage while attending the conference.

Sustainability at the Conference

For AEESP 2023 we are working hard to make this conference as sustainable as possible – we hope to provide the community opportunities to contribute as well! 

Public transit:  Northeastern is easily accessible on the MBTA public transition system, and the conference will be providing all attendees with a 7-day T-pass (Charlie Card) for the light rail/busses.  Off campus events are within walking distance or an easy ride on the T, to minimize use of cabs and coaches. 

Decarbonizing Meals:  Meal options will prioritize low-carbon foods and low-waste methods for distributing food.  Lunch events will be platter style to minimize waste.

Composting:  Northeastern has an active composting program operating in the cafeterias on campus which will be used to provide lunches to conference attendees.


We realize that many attendees will be traveling with their families to AEESP 2023.  While Northeastern does not have an on-site childcare facility, there are a number of services in the Boston area that provide for ad-hoc childcare needs.  Note:  this information is provided for reference only and does not imply an endorsement by or contract with the conference.  Attendees are encouraged to do their own research to ensure any services will meet their standards and needs.  connects you with nationwide options for trusted providers for child and eldercare

Boston’s Best Babysitters:  a nanny agency specializing in temporary childcare in hotels/homes in Massachusetts

Sitter Cityas-needed babysitting service run by Bright Horizons

Get some fresh air! Walking and running routes...

Boston is a very walkable city with a number of great running routes.  For folks who may with to get some exercise, check out this variety of short, medium, and long routes put together by Boston Magazine.